ImageLocated on Thomas Street, NQ with close proximity to Shudehill bus station. With a relaxed atmosphere, Trof is the perfect place for a meet up with friends, family and even with your better half. If privacy is what you are after then the comfy, dark seats behind the bar is what you’re looking for. With a new bourbon bar located upstairs for extra seating, Trof is a lively gastro-bar and the floods of custom sure shows this.

For my meal I chose the Pork and Chorizo burger. I opted for this as it was such an unusual take on a classic, it would have been wrong not to try it. I was not disappointed one bit. With the patty itself being handmade with the right ratio of pork to chorizo sausage, this burger was a breath of fresh air when it came to the regular taste of a burger.  On the bottom side of the burger was a sweet apple chutney which was better than the traditional apple sauce as it has extra texture of which a sauce does not, also it was at just the right sweetness to compliment the pork. The burger was topped with crunchy iceberg lettuce and a slightly tangy, yet mild mayonnaise sauce, also complimenting the overall taste of the burger. A lot of thought has gone into the design and overall construction of this burger and the results do pay off. Fabulous creation to say the least.

The fries that accompanied my meal were called “proper fries” and they were indeed, proper fries. Tasting like ‘twice-fried’ fries, these chips had a crunchy outside, with a melt in the mouth inside, which is what I look for in a fry.

Trof did not disappoint when it came to atmosphere and taste. However, if you are a tight budget, then trof is not for you. The average meal is around £7/8 each, but this is shown in the quality of the end product. Cocktail prices are at a nice average of £6.50, but between 5-8 everyday, they are £5 each, which is not too bad! Cocktails from an establishment like this cannot be compared to the prices of Font bar, which is an obvious ‘pre-drink’ stop before a night out. Trof is of a different genre of bar all together.

I will definitely visit Trof again and encourage others to do also.

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