Vnam is a little Vietnamese restaurant located on Oldham Road, Ancoats, only a short walk from Oldham Street, NQ. It is a small, clean and cosy restaurant with a sleek modern interior.

I chose to opt for the BBQ pork with noodles and spring rolls. This did not disappoint. My meal was beautifully presented and was clearly freshly prepared on order. The meat had been given time and care all day, being so tender to eat. The cut of pork used in this dish was belly pork. A wonderful cut at that. With the right fat to meat ratio, as fat is what gives meat most of its taste, it melted in my mouth. Seasoned to the right amount with oriental spices, the pork was finished with crushed cashew nuts for that extra texture to the dish.

My pork was served on top of a mound of white, rice noodles, of which, were cooked to the ideal softness for this delicate dish. The noodles were garnish with finely sliced lettuce, carrots and cucumber and to add that extra kick, lemon grass. The carrots had a slight pickling to them, which was in perfect contrast with the mild cucumber. As I was a fan of all four garnish options, I mixed them into my noodles for extra taste (and aid for my chopsticks).

To top off this delicate delight for an extra 40p you could add springs rolls, I have no idea who wouldn’t choose this option. These spring rolls were so light, fried to perfect and, most importantly in my opinion, not greasy from being fried. Filled with the typical ingredients, the spring rolls just added another dimension to my meal. That wanted crunch,which is one of my favourite sensations of a meal, was fulfilled. With a light dip in the fish and chilli sauce to give it a slight salted taste, the dish was completed with all taste factors ticked off my list.

I could not believe the quality of food and establishment for a tiny, unknown place on the outskirts of Manchester. It is obvious that the chef takes pride in his food and the quality and taste of it shows. On the note of pricing, for three of us to eat a main meal and drink, the total for ALL three of us together came to £20. I kid you not, £20. For amazingly cooked food with very welcoming portion sizes, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the bill. Even if we received a 10% discount because we ate between 5.30 and 6.30, that still is worth more than its money.

I would seriously recommend Vnam to anyone who is a fan of anything oriental. Vegetarians may be limited, but there are some tofu dishes on offer and I am more than certain that they will make something custom for you.