Earth is a vegetarian juice and food bar located in the Buddhist district of Manchester (NQ). Earth uses purely organic ingredients and creates a nice hub for the vegetarians and vegans of our society. The atmosphere in Earth is very relaxed, being under the Buddhist centre, it definitely gets it vibes from.

It is obvious that this food is freshly prepared daily and even chosen daily. Everything is so fresh and organic, it’s a breath of fresh air and great for someone who wants a change in their daily diet.

At Earth I opted for the £6 ‘meal deal’ where you can choose 4 options, hot or cold, to have on your plate. My four options were the veg curry, Caribbean curry, roasted potatoes and parsnips and a tomato salad.

Sadly, my waitress got a bit confused and put a spinach dahl on my plate, which I’m not a fan of having chickpeas in. However, I just ate around it. I can totally understand the mix-up as I just seemed to point to things and from her angle it would have seemed I pointed to the Dahl.

The roasted potatoes and parsnips were outstanding. My favourite part of the meal, in fact.Out of the two curries I think I preferred the Caribbean one to the regular curry. This was due to the different textures used in the curry. The tomato salad was so so fresh. Possibly the most freshest veg salad I’ve had in a while, superb.

For a sweet treat, I opted for the Coffee and Walnut cake. The cake has high hints of walnut, however, I didn’t have a cup of coffee to accompany. The cake was quite dry and dense as it seemed to be gluten free which creates such textures. I personally like a very light cake to a dense one, so this cake was not very likeable for my tastes. Also most of the flavour came through the rich icing more than the cake itself. I think I should have opted for the chocolate cupcake, which a woman in the corner was enjoying so much.

All in all, Earth is a very relaxed place with the right sort of food for the Buddhist district it is found in. The savoury meal I had was very much worth the £6 I paid for as you can tell it is all made fresh and it was very tasty even fore a meat eater to enjoy. However, the cake was not worth the £2.50 I paid for as it was not to my tastes and it wasn’t an extraordinary slice. I’d recommend Earth to my Vegetarian brethren or anyone fancying a change from meat for a day.