Recipe: Peach and Raspberry Cobbler

This cobbler is made to fit a 1.6l pie dish.



  •  375g self-raising flour (plus extra)
  • 35g light brown sugar
  • 40g white sugar
  • 225ml milk (plus extra)
  • 75g butter


  • 5 peaches
  • 300g raspberries
  • 3 tbsp white sugar (plus extra)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon



1) To a large mixing bowl, add the flour and sugars.





2) To the dry mixture, add the butter, and rub together until combined and the mixture resembles bread crumbs.





3) Measure out the milk and add to the bowl. It is easier to add the milk in stages, so the dough is smooth yet spongy. However, you will still have to mix constantly to produce this consistency.


(This is what your dough should look like)


4) Also, at this point, you should preheat your oven (fan assisted) to 180 degrees.





5) Roll out your dough on a well-floured surface until about 15mm thick



6) De-stone your peaches and then slice them up into roughly tree pieces per quarter to fill your pie dish.





7) Add the raspberries to the peaches in the dish








8) Add the sugar and cinnamon to the fruit and mix around the dish so all flavours are incorporated.




9) Using the dough you rolled out earlier, with a small glass, cut out circles to top your fruit. You may knead and roll out the dough as many times as you like to cover your fruit.




10) With your index finger, place a deep dimple in the middle of each cobbler and place on top of your fruit, covering the majority of the top.



11) Using your finger, glaze the cobblers with milk  and then sprinkle sugar on top for extra sweetening.





12) Place in the oven for 20-30 minutes, depending on how ripe your peaches are. (Display cobbler only took 20 minutes)





Final result: 









Tutorial: How to de-stone fruit

To de-stone your fruit, you:

1) Half your fruit by cutting around the edge and then twist the two halves until separated.

2) You can either attempt to pull out the stone when halved, or half the fruit again if this makes you more comfortable. Please be careful when pulling the stone out as you may hurt yourself or bruise the flesh when twisting/pulling the stone out.


















3) when the stone is out, dispose and use fruit accordingly to recipe.

Rather large apology

I am so sorry for the lack of blog posts over these past two months – I have been unbelievably busy with moving, work and other commitments throughout the summer period. However, with a new flatmate who is determined to get me into a blogging routine,  these rather large gaps will come to an end.

With love,



Review: Trof

ImageLocated on Thomas Street, NQ with close proximity to Shudehill bus station. With a relaxed atmosphere, Trof is the perfect place for a meet up with friends, family and even with your better half. If privacy is what you are after then the comfy, dark seats behind the bar is what you’re looking for. With a new bourbon bar located upstairs for extra seating, Trof is a lively gastro-bar and the floods of custom sure shows this.

For my meal I chose the Pork and Chorizo burger. I opted for this as it was such an unusual take on a classic, it would have been wrong not to try it. I was not disappointed one bit. With the patty itself being handmade with the right ratio of pork to chorizo sausage, this burger was a breath of fresh air when it came to the regular taste of a burger.  On the bottom side of the burger was a sweet apple chutney which was better than the traditional apple sauce as it has extra texture of which a sauce does not, also it was at just the right sweetness to compliment the pork. The burger was topped with crunchy iceberg lettuce and a slightly tangy, yet mild mayonnaise sauce, also complimenting the overall taste of the burger. A lot of thought has gone into the design and overall construction of this burger and the results do pay off. Fabulous creation to say the least.

The fries that accompanied my meal were called “proper fries” and they were indeed, proper fries. Tasting like ‘twice-fried’ fries, these chips had a crunchy outside, with a melt in the mouth inside, which is what I look for in a fry.

Trof did not disappoint when it came to atmosphere and taste. However, if you are a tight budget, then trof is not for you. The average meal is around £7/8 each, but this is shown in the quality of the end product. Cocktail prices are at a nice average of £6.50, but between 5-8 everyday, they are £5 each, which is not too bad! Cocktails from an establishment like this cannot be compared to the prices of Font bar, which is an obvious ‘pre-drink’ stop before a night out. Trof is of a different genre of bar all together.

I will definitely visit Trof again and encourage others to do also.

For the menu and more information about Trof, visit the website:

Review: Vnam

Vnam is a little Vietnamese restaurant located on Oldham Road, Ancoats, only a short walk from Oldham Street, NQ. It is a small, clean and cosy restaurant with a sleek modern interior.

I chose to opt for the BBQ pork with noodles and spring rolls. This did not disappoint. My meal was beautifully presented and was clearly freshly prepared on order. The meat had been given time and care all day, being so tender to eat. The cut of pork used in this dish was belly pork. A wonderful cut at that. With the right fat to meat ratio, as fat is what gives meat most of its taste, it melted in my mouth. Seasoned to the right amount with oriental spices, the pork was finished with crushed cashew nuts for that extra texture to the dish.

My pork was served on top of a mound of white, rice noodles, of which, were cooked to the ideal softness for this delicate dish. The noodles were garnish with finely sliced lettuce, carrots and cucumber and to add that extra kick, lemon grass. The carrots had a slight pickling to them, which was in perfect contrast with the mild cucumber. As I was a fan of all four garnish options, I mixed them into my noodles for extra taste (and aid for my chopsticks).

To top off this delicate delight for an extra 40p you could add springs rolls, I have no idea who wouldn’t choose this option. These spring rolls were so light, fried to perfect and, most importantly in my opinion, not greasy from being fried. Filled with the typical ingredients, the spring rolls just added another dimension to my meal. That wanted crunch,which is one of my favourite sensations of a meal, was fulfilled. With a light dip in the fish and chilli sauce to give it a slight salted taste, the dish was completed with all taste factors ticked off my list.

I could not believe the quality of food and establishment for a tiny, unknown place on the outskirts of Manchester. It is obvious that the chef takes pride in his food and the quality and taste of it shows. On the note of pricing, for three of us to eat a main meal and drink, the total for ALL three of us together came to £20. I kid you not, £20. For amazingly cooked food with very welcoming portion sizes, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the bill. Even if we received a 10% discount because we ate between 5.30 and 6.30, that still is worth more than its money.

I would seriously recommend Vnam to anyone who is a fan of anything oriental. Vegetarians may be limited, but there are some tofu dishes on offer and I am more than certain that they will make something custom for you.


Sticky ginger flapjacks



  • 350g unsalted butter (extra to grease)
  • 275g caster sugar
  • 225g golden syrup
  • 450g rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp ground ginger



1)      Preheat oven to 180C

2)      Grease and baseline a deep rectangle cake pan, at least 2 inches deep with greaseproof paper.

3)      Put the butter, sugar and golden syrup into a large p-and and heat until gently melted

4)      Add the oats and ginger until all mixed together well

5)      Pour the mixture into tin and bake for 30-35 mins until golden brown at edges

6)      Cool in the tin for 15 mins then, while warm, cut the desired shape of your flapjacks and then leave to cool in tin completely

7)      When cool, turn out and enjoy


Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle festival..

Held at Chester Racecourse from Saturday 7th until Monday 9th April, the Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival saw over 9,800 visitors through its doors on the first day alone, a new record.

Officially opened by the Lord Lady Mayoress of Chester, Eleanor Johnson, said: “I am delighted to be here today at this year’s Food and Drink Festival; the sixth on the Racecourse and eleventh in Chester.”

In its eleventh year, over 120 exhibitors, including international producers, displayed their products for the visitors to taste and buy.

With demonstrations from TV chef Simon Rimmer and ex-Coronation Street star, Sean Wilson, crowds flooded in to watch their favourite chefs cook in front of their eyes.

Chairperson of the festival, Jane Mooney, said: “It’s been eleven years since we’ve being doing this and it gets bigger and better every year.”

The main aim of the festival is to show local producers stock and encourage visitors to engage more in local products rather than foods from the local supermarket.  A range of products were on display at the event; from selected oils, cheeses, relishes and all kinds of meat, from traditional to exotic game.

Stephen Wundke, one of the main organisers of the event, said: “We’ve got more exhibitors and more people camping than last year, we’ve taken up even more space and that’s what we wanted.”

The busiest stall at the festival was that of Cheshire Cheese Company, winners of the Chester Cheese Rolling Competition 2012. The company was so popular they had to have two stalls. It was clear that the title had boosted their awareness by miles.

With some producers making their debut; one oil company from Wales, Flower of Gold, launched their “Cheshire rapeseed oil” at the Festival and with popular reception from the crowd. Many of the chefs who demonstrated at the Festival recommended using rapeseed oil to fry instead of olive oil as it contains unsaturated fats and creates a better general fry.

This year the festival aided the charity The Academy of Culinary Arts. This charity aims to aid children in exploring the world of food by experiencing through the senses what different foods are like.

James Holden, a main chef at The Academy, ran a number of child cooking sessions at the festival. He said: “The earlier they learn about food the better. We have a generation gap, I think, where some of the parents who have young children now didn’t learn about new foods and can’t pass it on.”

Review: Earth

Earth is a vegetarian juice and food bar located in the Buddhist district of Manchester (NQ). Earth uses purely organic ingredients and creates a nice hub for the vegetarians and vegans of our society. The atmosphere in Earth is very relaxed, being under the Buddhist centre, it definitely gets it vibes from.

It is obvious that this food is freshly prepared daily and even chosen daily. Everything is so fresh and organic, it’s a breath of fresh air and great for someone who wants a change in their daily diet.

At Earth I opted for the £6 ‘meal deal’ where you can choose 4 options, hot or cold, to have on your plate. My four options were the veg curry, Caribbean curry, roasted potatoes and parsnips and a tomato salad.

Sadly, my waitress got a bit confused and put a spinach dahl on my plate, which I’m not a fan of having chickpeas in. However, I just ate around it. I can totally understand the mix-up as I just seemed to point to things and from her angle it would have seemed I pointed to the Dahl.

The roasted potatoes and parsnips were outstanding. My favourite part of the meal, in fact.Out of the two curries I think I preferred the Caribbean one to the regular curry. This was due to the different textures used in the curry. The tomato salad was so so fresh. Possibly the most freshest veg salad I’ve had in a while, superb.

For a sweet treat, I opted for the Coffee and Walnut cake. The cake has high hints of walnut, however, I didn’t have a cup of coffee to accompany. The cake was quite dry and dense as it seemed to be gluten free which creates such textures. I personally like a very light cake to a dense one, so this cake was not very likeable for my tastes. Also most of the flavour came through the rich icing more than the cake itself. I think I should have opted for the chocolate cupcake, which a woman in the corner was enjoying so much.

All in all, Earth is a very relaxed place with the right sort of food for the Buddhist district it is found in. The savoury meal I had was very much worth the £6 I paid for as you can tell it is all made fresh and it was very tasty even fore a meat eater to enjoy. However, the cake was not worth the £2.50 I paid for as it was not to my tastes and it wasn’t an extraordinary slice. I’d recommend Earth to my Vegetarian brethren or anyone fancying a change from meat for a day.